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We host and participate in a wide range of events. In addition to our wonderful food and drink, check out some of our events we have planned in the near future. Don’t forget to check this page often as new events get added,and follow us on Facebook.

Tuscan Market and Wine Shop also hosts Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Corporate parties, Baby Showers, Anniversary parties and much more.  Email here to begin planning your own event at Tuscan. 

Wine Tastings

Tuscan Market hosts the Spring and Fall Flings as well as our High End Wine Tasting in February. Sign up for our emails to be kept informed of upcoming tastings!


Wine and Beer Classes

Tuscan Market is excited to host wonderful courses on several of our favorite subjects. After looking at our schedule below, call us to register as an official Tuscan Market student. Each class is 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. and is $35 per person.  Space is limited for each session and registration in advance is required to allow for material prep (in store, or call 847-392-9700).  We can’t wait to see you!


BBQ and Sip Wine 12 Months a YEAR!

August 21
"Wine is to barbecue as what pickled ginger is to sushi—a palate cleanser,” says Adam Perry Lang, owner of Daisy May’s BBQ USA in New York City and author of the cookbook Serious Barbecue.  This is important in the Midwest, as we do have the ability to grill and BBQ all year, we just need a great coat and wine!  In this class, we are going to learn about some great food & wine pairings, which means we will be eating and drinking quite well.  It will be foolish to miss this one!

Yummy Cab's

September 18
Our Cabernet classes are always a big hit, so we decided this was the ultimate therapy for the kick-off of our fall classes. We love them just as much as everyone else, so we’ll introduce a few new and fun Cabs for you! As you sip away, we will teach you a handful of “Fun Cab Facts” from great Cabernet growing regions! 

Halloween Candy & Vino

October 23
It’s back! What should you sip with your Kit Kat, Milky Way, Whopper’s, Nerds, and Candy Corn? We will have a great time flavor profiling wines and learning how to match them with the array of sweets that hit our homes in October. 

Thanksgiving Table of Wine

November 13
Uncork a great Thanksgiving feast this year with wine, and in particular, some of Amy and Colin’s favorites. Whether you tend towards reds or whites, there’s something here for everyone! Join Amy, Colin, and guest Wine Professional as they guide you through the crazy quagmire of the Thanksgiving meal with wine in mind! 

Big, Bad, Inky Reds and a little Bubbly

December 12
In this month of holiday celebration, it is always fun to have wine selections ready for the mayhem. So many holiday parties and our toast to the New Year! This class is all about celebration, enjoyment of the grapes, and gift giving! Your palate will be challenged with a range of “inky, jammy reds” and help you jump on board the “Champagne Renaissance Train” 




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