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We host and participate in a wide range of events. In addition to our wonderful food and drink, check out some of our events we have planned in the near future. Don’t forget to check this page often as new events get added,and follow us on Facebook.

Tuscan Market and Wine Shop also hosts Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Corporate parties, Baby Showers, Anniversary parties and much more.  Email here to begin planning your own event at Tuscan. 

Wine Tastings

Tuscan Market hosts the Spring and Fall Flings as well as our High End Wine Tasting in February. Sign up for our emails to be kept informed of upcoming tastings!


Wine and Beer Classes

Tuscan Market is excited to host wonderful courses on several of our favorite subjects. After looking at our schedule below, call us to register as an official Tuscan Market student. Each class is 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. and is $35 per person.  Space is limited for each session and registration in advance is required to allow for material prep (in store, or call 847-392-9700).  We can’t wait to see you!



European Adventure 

January 22 

Let's enjoy a European Wine adventure without the airfare and long TSA lines.  Just register for this terrific night of wine travel to amazing wine countries like Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary maybe, who knows, this night just may break up your domestic wine affair.  We can promise your international trip will be comfortable, you will be well fed with tasty light fare and the wine will be delicious.  See you there, but be sure you buy your 1st class ticket as the cabin sells out.


Wine & the Infamous Cheese Pairing

February 26

You have been asking for it and it is back (it has been a while), the fun, delicious joy and madness of wine and cheese.   The endless possibilities can sometimes be overwhelming and if you can learn a few strategies, you will be on your way to blending two of life's culinary pleasures like the trained professional.  In this class we will experiment with various combinations, because practice is one of our favorite things, especially when it involves wine and cheese.  See you there!


Pizza & Wine...Buddies for Life!

March 19 

Wine with pizza is like beer with burgers and at Tuscan we love all of those!  In this class we will be showcasing different types of pizzas and what wines to best pair with them.  It is possible that you may discover that if you change up the pizza ingredients from time to time, you could actually live on pizza and wine alone! Chances are very strong that pizza will be a main food in your life, so you might as well make it an entertaining  journey and be more creative with it's BFF~~~VINO!



Red Blends--They are like Burritos

April 23

Did you know Red Blends now sell more, by volume, than either Pinot Noir or Merlot, and they’re on track to become even more popular than Cabernet Sauvignon?  Many of the most popular and celebrated wines enjoyed today are, in fact, made from a blend of several types of grapes. Blending is a technique that winemakers use to control and develop a wine’s flavor.  It does requires a deep knowledge of the principles of winemaking to make a really good one, so we will only try good ones.  In this session, you will learn about some of the the most famous blends of years past, celebrate the popularity of the craze of today's blending madness and why a red blend is like a burrito.


Memorial Day Wine Party- Summer Kick-Off

May 21

Wear your white pants or shorts to this class, as we are unofficially, but officially kicking of Summer.  This class is just going to be a night where real men and women drink pink (and other shades of vino), toast to surviving another winter and learning a little bit about what makes wine go so well with Memorial Day.  The success of whatever you are up to the next 12 weeks of Summer 2018  rests solely on attending this session of TMU! ? 



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