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We host and participate in a wide range of events. In addition to our wonderful food and drink, check out some of our events we have planned in the near future. Don’t forget to check this page often as new events get added, and follow us on Facebook.

Tuscan Market and Wine Shop also hosts Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, Corporate parties, Baby Showers, Anniversary parties and much more.  Email here to begin planning your own event at Tuscan. 

Wine Tastings

Tuscan Market hosts the Spring and Fall Flings as well as our High End Wine Tasting in February. Sign up for our emails to be kept informed of upcoming tastings!


Wine and Beer Classes

Tuscan Market is excited to host wonderful courses on several of our favorite subjects which we like to call Tuscan Market University (TMU). After looking at our schedule below, call us to register as an official Tuscan Market student. Each class is 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. and is $35 per person.  Space is limited for each session and registration in advance is required to allow for material prep (in store, or call 847-392-9700).  We can’t wait to see you.


February 24, 2020
Special Price- $50
High End Reserve TMU

An amazing Tuscan Market University session featuring 7 breathtaking and generous pours of  wines featured on those "Reserve Restaurant Lists".  This class will not only dazzle your taste buds, but you will learn about some amazing wineries, grape varietals and history.  No doubt in our minds, this will be an epic night for all in attendance.  We suggest a late start to work Tuesday.

March 23, 2020
Going Back to Cali
This class we will spend visiting various wine growing regions an appellations in the great state of California.  The nuances and character of wine is imparted largely from the terrior (earth, land & environment).  The tasting and learning experience in a directed fashion. We will enjoy amazing wine and teach you all about terrior!    

April 27, 2020
Spring Favorites from around the World
Spring means so much to us in Chicago; the start of baseball, leaves on trees and spring flowers!  We will travel the world to discover and taste vibrant, delicious wines that mark the spring season in other areas of the world.  A little geography, mix in some meterology and some enology!  Sipping wine is educational, we swear!  Cheers to Spring.

May 18, 2020
BBQ and Vino
In this session we will shed light on wine pairing with barbecue, as there are a few tricks to pairing.  We all know that beer is the go-to for BBQ mostly due to its' refreshing nature.  In reality, beer acts as a palate cleanser, so we will also present wines that scrape out richness and fat on your palate with acidity, carbonation and coldness (beer substitutes).  We will serve some tasty BBQ items to pair with our wine selections.


We host events!

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